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Jordan Chow

CG Animator / Development Animator


Jordan has been working in animation for close to a decade on various projects for streaming platforms, television, and films.

Currently he is working as a Senior Development Animator. His day to day tasks involve library building with cycles, hands, expressions and phoneme libraries for animators to use. He is responsible for creating pickers, pose-constraints, crowd sim animation, and other various animation efficiencies that make it easier for animators to go about their animation tasks. Jordan also reviews assets such as characters, props, and environments, providing feedback to other departments such as rigging and asset. 

Jordan's position involves constant communication between different departments and across team members, requiring flexibility as new issues or problems arise. 

He is confident in his ability to work well with others, being able to positively receive and quickly apply constructive feedback from others. He is passionate about animation and loves all aspects of the art form.

Jordan is currently looking for new opportunities and exciting projects to be a part of!


Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Bachelor of Arts, Animation

2012 - 2014

Capilano University

Commercial Animation Diploma, Digital Animation Certificate, Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects

2007 - 2010


g & Finance



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